“MATA, the Best Solution to Your Life Needs”

MATA is a hub centre for offering high-quality and luxury services to real and legal clients who emphasize their own life quality and privacy. Wide, selected and international network of MATA contractors and suppliers has made such possibility that daily and special needs of clients are met carefully at the least possible time with the highest quality without ant limitation.

Communications in International Level, MATA Suppliers Chain

As much as we attach importance to our members, we trust in quality of products and services of MATA suppliers. In fact, this international chain forms main core of our services. What we have achieved through years of collaboration and friendship with top luxury service and product brands of various countries has enabled us to know them our partner and companion in MATA. Our members always can to request us the most luxury and top products of well-known brands. This is an exceptional situation of which we have mostly used for offering the best and most interesting products and services to our clients. In MATA, we will be informed of the discounts and new seasonal products of brands earlier than others and convey them to our members. Quick and effective access to suppliers has made this opportunity for our members to shine more different from others.

Our members

MATA services can be used on a 1-year membership basis by paying the membership fee. Since quality of our members society is very important for us, there is a certain process for accepting each new member in MATA. The main part of this process is related to familiarity with MATA services. It is important for us that each member of MATA society gets familiar with all our services and facilities and how to offer services. This is a mutual familiarity. As much as we like to inform our members of MATA services, we would like to have enough knowledge about their demands and expectations. In MATA organizational culture, members are a part on our organizational network, not just clients.

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